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If you are facing a problem evicting your tenant, you have come to the right place.  A West Palm Beach eviction lawyer can help you resolve any disputes that arise between you and your tenant.  Don’t try to do this on your own.

West Palm Beach, Florida, is the largest and most populous city in Palm Beach County.  West Palm Beach is a highly popular place to live, and this makes it a hotbed for real estate development and property management.  A West Palm Beach eviction lawyer must often address large claims brought by huge multi-unit organizations.  But smaller rental homes and apartments are very common in the area as well.  Many private homeowners rent property to tenants as a source of income, and these landlords can greatly benefit from legal counsel.

But sometimes disputes arise between landlords and tenants.  A tenant eviction can be difficult if you aren’t able to seek help and counsel from a West Palm Beach eviction lawyer.  Local standards and practices are important when dealing with a tenant dispute.

Eviction Process – West Palm Beach

  1. Provide notice to the tenant prior to eviction
  2. After the notice period has ended, file an eviction lawsuit with the Palm Beach County Court
  3. Present the court summons to the tenant
  4. If the tenant fails to respond or appear in court, file a Request for Default
  5. Receive for Clerk’s Default
  6. File with the local judge for a Final Judgment of Eviction
  7. If the tenant still fails to leave, obtain a Writ of Possession
  8. Once the Write of Possession has been issued, contact the sheriff to forcibly evict the tenant

The following list outlines the steps in a contested West Palm Beach tenant eviction.

  1. Provide notice to the tenant.
  2. The tenant is allowed five days to respond.
  3. If the tenant responds, you will likely need the help of a West Palm Beach eviction attorney.
  4. Depending on the tenant’s response, the eviction can become highly complex at this point.  Litigation and even trial may result. If the tenant has an attorney or lawyer, it is highly recommended for you to get an attorney as well.
  5. From here, the case may go any direction.  This is why it is advised that you retain the services of a West Palm Beach eviction lawyer.

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