Port Saint Lucie Eviction Lawyers

Pt. St. Lucie is a lovely area of Florida, with plenty of residential neighborhoods, including mix-use and urban developments. It is a growing city that offers many real estate opportunities, and with a population of 166,000 property management and landlords alike may come across the need to evict residents in one of their properties. Evictions can be tricky without the right guidance, so if you have decided to evict tenants on a property, contacting a Port Saint Lucie eviction attorney may save you money, time and frustration.

Some landlords make the decision to evict tenants without legal guidance, and have ended up disappointed after a contested eviction went in the tenants favor. You do not have to have a Pt. St. Lucie eviction lawyer to complete an eviction, though it is important to consider the consequences should the tenant contest the eviction complaint filed in court.

Port St. Lucie Eviction Process

Completing an eviction requires certain steps. A Pt. St. Lucie eviction attorney can help you complete the evictionprocess and protect you from mistakes and help you through any unexpected litigation or court trials that sometimes happen if a tenant decides to fight the eviction. As your Port Saint Lucie eviction attorney, you get legal counsel for an uncontested eviction for flat $195.00 fee with Kelley & Grant, P.A.

The first step in the eviction process is serving notice on your tenants. You may then need to file an eviction in the local County Court serving Port Saint Lucie. If the tenant decides to dispute your eviction Complaint, you may require competent legal representation in court. It is important to know the law when you are in the unfortunate position of needing to evict a tenant, which Kelley & Grant, P.A. your Port Saint Lucie eviction lawyers can provide.

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