Martin County Eviction Lawyers

Evicting a tenant from a property can be complicated, and you may need legal advice and guidance when taking on this burden.  A Martin County eviction lawyer can assist you with any disputes that may occur between you and your tenant and streamline the eviction process.

Martin County, Florida, is known for its beautiful old Florida atmosphere and has over 138,000 residents.  Martin County and its main city of Stuart have a reputation for being great places to live and vacation, which generates a large amount of real estate rental activity.  Landlords who own or manage properties in Martin County may encounter legal issues as a result, and at times a landlord may require the services of a local Martin County eviction attorney.

It may be possible to evict a tenant without the assistance of an attorney depending on whether the property owner is a person or a corporation.  However, attempting an eviction without the help of an experienced attorney can put you at risk, especially if the tenant raises any valid legal defenses.

Types of Evictions – Martin County

If your tenant fails to respond to your notice or the eviction Complaint, this is called an uncontested eviction. If the tenant does not respond to the summons, you can file a request for default.  After you have done this, it’s likely the judge will grant a final judgment for eviction.  From there, you can gain a writ of possession, and the sheriff will then assist in the removal of the tenant. You may want a Martin County eviction lawyer to help you with timely and accurate filings so that you don’t lose and additional time.

The second kind of eviction is more complex and is called a contested eviction.  In a contested eviction the tenant answers your eviction with complaint. Litigation, and possibly even a court trial, may follow.  Your tenant may have legal representation of some kind if they intend to dispute the eviction.  You may find yourself in over your head if you don’t have the assistance of a Martin County eviction attorney in a contested eviction.

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