Fort Pierce Eviction Lawyers

Ft. Pierce, Florida is located in Saint Lucie County and is home to 44,000 residents. Fort Peirce has a large population of renters, with the many educational and research facilities in the city. If you who own or manage properties in Fort Peirce, you may encounter legal issues with tenants, and at times may require the services of a local Ft. Pierce eviction attorney.

As a landlord, you may come across an unfortunate time where you have to evict a tenant. A Fort Pierce eviction lawyer can assist you with any disputes that may occur between you and your tenant during the eviction process and help you avoid many obstacles.

Some landlords choose to deal with tenant disputes without legal help. It is possible to evict a tenant without the assistance of an attorney, though as a landlord, completing an eviction without legal guidance can put you at risk, especially if the tenant raises any valid legal defenses.

Ft. Pierce Eviction Process

If you have determined that an eviction is necessary with a tenant, you need to serve proper notification on the tenant stating your intent to evict. If you receive no response from the tenant to your notice, you will need to proceed with an eviction lawsuit. You can then file an eviction lawsuit with the county court and a Ft. Pierce eviction lawyer can help you with this process. The tenant will then need to be served with the court summons and Complaint. If the tenant continues to refuse to respond, your eviction attorney can file a request with the court for default. At that point, most often a judge will grant a final judgment for the eviction, and you can obtain a writ of possession to present to the local sheriff to assist you in removing the tenant.

If the tenant has disputes against your eviction notice, which is considered a contested eviction they may decide to obtain legal representation to fight the eviction. Using a Fort Pierce eviction attorney to help you through the possible litigation or formal court trial and can make the difference of winning or losing.

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