Dade County Eviction Lawyers

If you’re unable to evict a tenant from your property, we’re here to help.  A Dade County eviction lawyer can help you resolve disputes and evict problem tenants in a timely manner.  Don’t get into a legal battle without legal counsel by your side.

Dade County, Florida, is a county located in the southeastern part of the state of Florida.  The population has climbed to about 2.5 million, which makes it the most populous county in Florida.  Rental homes and apartment complexes are common, and eviction disputes that arise between landlords and tenants keep every Dade County landlord busy.

It’s a great place to live and it’s a great place to rent property.  But there are local issues that can make a Dade County landlord tenant dispute particularly difficult for an owner to deal with alone.  When these disputes lead to eviction, the process becomes even more complex.

Eviction Process – Dade County

The following list describes the process for carrying out an uncontested tenant eviction. An uncontested eviction is one in which the tenant doesn’t respond to any notices or summons. In an uncontested eviction you:

  1. Notify the tenant of an intent to evict.
  2. File an eviction lawsuit when the tenant doesn’t respond.
  3. Provide the tenant with the court summons.
  4. File a request for default.
  5. Ask the judge for a final judgment of eviction.
  6. Obtain a writ of possession.
  7. Contact the local sheriff to help evict the tenant.

The process becomes more complex if the tenant responds to your eviction complaint.  In a contested eviction you serve the tenant with a notice of eviction.  When the tenant responds with an answer, you may be required to attend a court hearing. Whatever the case may be you’ll need a Dade County eviction lawyer at this point.  You should consider obtaining legal representation so as to avoid the myriad of legal pitfalls that a landlord may fall into.

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