Broward County Eviction Lawyers

Evicting a tenant from a property can be complicated, and you need legal advice and guidance when taking on this burden.  A Broward County eviction lawyer can assist you with any disputes that may occur between you and your tenant and streamline the eviction process.

Broward County, Florida, is the second most populated county in the state.  Nearly 2 million people live within the county.  Broward County and the surrounding areas have a reputation for being great places to live, which generates a large amount of real estate activity.  Landlords who own or manage properties in the area may encounter legal issues as a result of such a high population, and at times a landlord may require the services of a local Broward County eviction attorney.

Sometimes owners can deal with tenant disputes on their own.  It is possible to evict a tenant without the assistance of an attorney.  But this puts you at risk, especially if the tenant raises any valid legal defenses.

Types of Evictions – Broward County

There are two kinds of evictions.  The first kind, an uncontested eviction, occurs when your tenant refuses to respond to any of your notifications with notices.  If this is the case, you can file an eviction lawsuit with the Broward County Court.  You’ll want a Broward County eviction lawyer to help you with this.  If the tenant does not respond to the summons, you can file a request for default.  Once this is done, the judge will likely grant a final judgment for eviction.  From there, you can gain a writ of possession, which you can then present to the local sheriff.  The sheriff will then assist in the removal of the tenant.

The second kind of eviction, a contested eviction, is much more complex.  In a contested eviction the tenant responds to your eviction complaint. Litigation, and possibly even a formal court trial, may follow this claim.  Your tenant may have legal representation of some kind if they intend to dispute the eviction.  In this case, you may find yourself in over your head if you don’t have the assistance of a Broward County eviction attorney.

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