Palm Beach County Eviction Lawyers

Tenant evictions are never easy, and if you need assistance, we’re prepared to help.  A Palm Beach County eviction lawyer can save you time and trouble, and keep you out of court.

Palm Beach County, Florida, is the second largest county in the state of Florida by area.  Nearly 2 million residents live in the area.  A lot of them rent homes and apartments, and for every rental property, there is a landlord. Landlords in Palm Beach County often have to retain an eviction attorney to remove problem tenants. A Palm Beach County eviction attorney will have his or her hands full.

Eviction Process – Palm Beach County

tenant eviction is a process with multiple steps, and when a Palm Beach County landlord tenant disputearises, it’s important to understand what you’re dealing with.  There are two kinds of evictions—uncontested and contested.  An uncontested eviction is a simple step by step process, whereas a contested eviction often requires court litigation and other legal procedures.

In an uncontested eviction, you must simply present the tenant with an eviction notice.  When the tenant fails to respond, you file a lawsuit with the Palm Beach County Court.  If the tenant fails to respond to the court summons, your next step is to file a request for a Clerk’s Default.  The default will allow you to request a final eviction judgment from a county judge for a Final Eviction judgment.

Once this is done and the tenant has still refused to leave, a Writ of Possession can be obtained.  This will allow you to contact the local sheriff to remove the tenant.  The sheriff will arrange a time and date upon which to evict the tenant.

In a contested eviction, the tenant responds to your eviction notice and argues against it.  This is where a Palm Beach County eviction can get very complicated for a landlord.  In a contested eviction, you’ll have to prove your case against the tenant’s case.  This will likely require litigation or even a court trial.  If your tenant responds to your eviction notice and contests it, you are highly advised to retain the services of a local Palm Beach County eviction attorney.  You’ll need legal representation, and you’ll need a professional who can provide you with sound advice at every turn.

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